Massage with results

Massage is the art of handle the soft parts of the locomotor system, that is, muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia, in order to restore balance and wellbeing. Despite having a technical part and knowledge of anatomy what schould be studied and learned, requires intuition and sensitivity, therefore the qualification of art

Centro de masajes en Caldas de Reis
Massage center

Visit us in our Center in Caldas de Reis and receive the best massage with results

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Masaje a domicilio
Massage at home
In the regions of Caldas de reis, Vilagarcía de Arousa and Rianxo and its border areas
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Masaje a empresas y profesionales
Massage for companies and professionals
Take care of yourself and your employees, good work and production will improve
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Masaje en hoteles
Massage in hotels

We provide the massage service at the hotels. Room-service. With massage table.

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  • The relax massage
    We are used to reacting to physical pain and today, more than yesterday but less than tomorrow, we go to receive a massage to relax, release, relax our tense muscles. How...


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