Massage Center

Decontracting Massage

Time: 20 min  15€

Localised massage that works a
specific area

Decontracting Massage

Time: 30 min 20€

Local massage of a muscle group such as cervical or lumbar

Decontracting Massage

Time: 40 min 25€

Deep massage of a wide anatomical area such tge back or legs

Decontracting Massage

Time: 60 min 35€

Deep massage of all the muscles, where we can relax all the muscles, the receiver perceives the sensation and well-being of a complete massage of the whole body

Decontracting Massage

Time: 80 min 50€

Deep and analytical massage of all muscles. It is a special massage, where we relax all the muscles, combining it with a relaxing, enveloping, rhythmic massage

Relaxing Massage

Time: 60 min 30€

Anti-stress massage, soft, rhythmic, enveloping, pleasant, to combat stress and emotional tensions

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